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Our heartfelt thanks to the many sponsors, suppliers, and contributors who have helped us make an impact on this year.

Our sponsors have a shared belief in the FIRST mission and its values of teamwork, Gracious Professionalism, and the pursuit of science and technology excellence.

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Human resources who have acquired the STEM education curriculum are said to have the potential to lead the world, and in the future, when a company secures human resources, it is necessary to secure talent who received STEM education.

STEM education is the scientific notation of Science (Technology) Engineering (Engineering) Mathematics (mathematics).
Along with the rapid development of electronics technology, the purpose is to nurture human resources with advanced STEM literacy, cultivating the ability to integrate and utilize the STEM 4 element knowledge and solve problems.

In the United States, we invested about 3 billion dollars a year for STEM education budget in the United States, and also in Europe, India, Singapore etc.
We have opportunities to learn fundamental electronic engineering and programming technology from early childhood, Education is ongoing.


Management Strategy

Management Strategy

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Sponsors value

FIRST curriculum includes STEM education programs throughout. Experienced people who participated in the FIRST competition have statistics that the skills of logical thinking abilities and problem solving abilities are very high compared with those who have not taken the STEM curriculum. In the United States, many companies think FIRST Games to be excellent places for talent discovery.

More than 200 companies of Fortune 500 participate in the FIRST Team Sponsorship, actively approaching outstanding people who participate in the FIRST competition, looking for talent who is likely to become a future pioneer.

The FIRST competition, where more than 255,000 students from all over the world participate, is a great benefit for companies as a place to secure talented people. In addition, the STEM curriculum is included, and attention from companies, governments, education officials, students and a wide range of people is high, and it can expect considerably as an advertisement publicity effect.

FIRST curriculum is not simply seeking skills to win the competition. Through activities of the team, we aim to involve various people and bring about innovation, and such activities lead to evaluation at competitions. Therefore, many FIRST participating teams actively interact with other teams and experts during the season. The FIRST team, which carries out global activities, is also highly regarded by major global companies and experts, so being a sponsor of the FIRST participating team can be said to be "sponsoring excellent talent" + "advertisement publicity effect" and efficiency It is a good investment of high value.

Sponsors Current status

2016 Top Team Sponsors

FIRST Robotics Competition Team Sponsors
2016 Top Team Sponsors - 20 or more teams in 2016
Sponsors in this section are listed in descending order starting with the sponsor of the highest number of teams.

・The Boeing Company
・National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
・National Defense Education Program (NDEP)
・BAE Systems
・United Technologies Corporation (UTC)
・PTC, Inc.
・Qualcomm Incorporated
・General Motors Company
・Brin Wojcicki Foundation
・Rockwell Automation, Inc.
・Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
・Boston Scientific Corporation/Argosy Foundation
・Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
・Leidos, Inc.
・Comcast NBCUniversal
・Caterpillar Foundation
・Bechtel Group Foundation
・Bezos Family Foundation
・TE Connectivity
・Abbott Fund
・GE Healthcare
・Picatinny Arsenal
・Motorola Solutions Foundation
・GE Energy

Global Companies

FIRST Team Sponsors

In the United States, more than 200 companies of Fortune 500 are investing in First team.


Japanese Companies

FIRST Team Sponsors

Japanese publicly traded companies have not invested in the FIRST team.